Supporting Pennsylvania Agriculture

Pennsylvania’s farming families are struggling to stay in business and pass our region's rich farming heritage to the next generation. Fred Keller is committed to supporting Pennsylvania agriculture and making sure the policies passed in the halls of Congress put our farming families first.


Putting Farm Families First

“To ensure success for the next generation of central and north central Pennsylvania farmers we need Fred Keller working for us in Washington.”
- Dennis Spangler

Understanding how his stepdad managed his family farm, Fred understands firsthand the issues Pennsylvania farmers face. He remains committed to always being available to help our farmers.

As a State Representative, Fred maintained a strong record supporting Pennsylvania agriculture. Whether in the halls of the Capitol, at the annual Farm Show or Ag Progress Days, or meeting with farm families in the district, supporting local farmers and the commonwealth’s $7 billion agricultural industry has always been a top priority for Fred.

Fred supports the President’s effort to renegotiate trade deals so that we have a free and fair trade system that allows American farmers and companies to be competitive in the global marketplace. Fred also supports rolling back excessive regulations and reforming our tax code, including repealing the Death Tax, so that farming can remain a generational undertaking.