Backing American Energy Dominance

Fred believes we can continue to be a global energy leader, while protecting our environment.

Fred supports an “all of the above” energy strategy to take advantage of Pennsylvania’s diverse energy mix. However, Fred opposes taxing one energy sector to artificially support another. “For example, taking money from the natural gas industry to fund other energy businesses would be the equivalent of taxing the fast food industry to subsidize grocery stores,” Fred says.


Powering Growth

Fred Keller will help continue Pennsylvania’s role as an American and global energy leader. He’ll fight for competitive markets and less regulation while ensuring our environment is protected.

When it comes to natural gas, Fred has been a longtime proponent of the fuel’s environmental and economic benefits. He was an outspoken supporter for both the Sunbury Pipeline project and the new natural gas-fueled power plant in Shamokin Dam – Hummel Station.

Fred’s support for Pennsylvania energy is equal to his love for our outdoors and his commitment to our environment.

Fred is specifically proud to have helped secure $220,000 for the Merrill W. Linn Land and Waterways Conservancy allowing the organization to invest in a 36-acre land preservation project in Union Township (Union County).

He also is pleased to have helped prevent the building of a tire burning facility in White Deer Township. When he had doubts about the company’s ability to ensure safe operations, he stood with local residents to ensure their protection and to safeguard the local environment.