The United States-Israeli Relationship

The United States of America and Israel each have much to gain through their strong relationship based not on individual connections between temporally-relevant rulers, but shared values that transcend partisan statuses in either country. Israel knows it can count on the United States whether Democrats or Republicans control Congress, while the United States knows it has a friend in Israel whether the Likud or another party builds a majority coalition in the Knesset.


Bound Together

The United States and Israel share the distinction as members of a small group of democratic nations bound together by a common creed instead of racial nationalism – both countries feature a wide array of citizens from different backgrounds working together for individual liberty, financial security, and cultural and scientific advancement.

I look forward to visiting Israel at my earliest opportunity as a United States Congressman to see for myself the great accomplishments of the State of Israel, as well as tour the historic sites and locations critical to our shared history as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Americans.

Security Assistance

The United States’ security investment in Israel is mutually beneficial. Joint successful military programs like Iron Dome, David’s Sling, the Arrow missile system, and the Tactical High Energy Laser strengthen the defensive military capabilities of both nations and deter attacks by terrorists and rogue nations. Israel buys most of its military hardware, such as the F-35, from the United States, and the United States often adopts weapons that Israel uses in the fight against terrorism.

I support the Memorandum of Understanding budgeting $38 billion in military aid to Israel from 2018-2028 and will be a reliable vote for the Foreign Aid Appropriations bill when I am elected to the House. I support the $705 million for joint military research in the most recent House Armed Services Appropriations bill and I will vote for H.R. 1837, which further enhances economic and security cooperation between the United States and Israel.

The Peace Process

Peace and permanent borders are in the best economic and national security interests of Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians.

This peace only can be achieved by direct, bilateral negotiations between the governments of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The United States and other nations can facilitate a peace process, however, a lasting peace can only be achieved and agreed upon by the Israelis and Palestinians. The United States should use its veto power in the United Nations to prevent Israel’s opponents from forcing their solutions on the region.

In addition, I support the Taylor Force Act, which eliminates United States payments to the Palestinian Authority until they stop rewarding terrorists and their families when they kill Israelis and Americans, as well as President Trump’s Executive Order to withdraw $200 million in appropriated payments for the same reason.


Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and poses an existential threat to Israel. Iran funds and provides material support to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad. The thousands of missiles on Israel’s borders and those fired at Israel every year are a direct result of Iran. In defiance of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran Deal, Iran continues to test medium and long-range missiles and work on its nuclear weapons program.

I strongly support President Trump’s decision to leave the flawed Iran Deal, which did nothing to stop Iran from achieving nuclear capability and posed an existential threat to Israel.

In addition, I support further sanctions on Iran should they continue to provide financial and material support to Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist organizations.


The anti-Semitic BDS movement is an attempt to wage economic and diplomatic warfare against Israel and deserves a stern response.

In Congress, I will vote for an Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which prohibits the federal government from aiding or conducting business with any entity boycotting Israel or any other country friendly to the United States.

In addition, I will vote for the Combating BDS Act, which prevents the federal government from interfering with any state or local government that wishes to cease business with any entity boycotting Israel or any other country friendly to the United States.

Additional Issues

I am also alarmed at the rise of the so-called “alt-right” and increased attacks on Jewish communities, in America and abroad. Bigotry has no place in our society.

I support Homeland Security grant funding for non-profit organizations and would support legislation making it clear that synagogues and churches are eligible for disaster assistance funding.

Finally, I commend President Trump for fulfilling a promise, long made by American presidents, to move our nation’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the eternal capital of Jerusalem.