Union Co. Chair Boop, Snyder Co. Vice Chairman Knepp Praise Fred Keller

State Representative Fred Keller’s congressional campaign continues to gain momentum and support. Recently Union County Commissioner Chairman Preston Boop and Snyder County Commissioner Vice Chairman Lee Knepp offered their endorsements for Fred Keller.

Chairman Boop says he’s worked closely with Fred Keller for nearly a decade. In offering his support for Keller, Boop writes:

“I am amazed at his personal connections to the citizens of the 85thDistrict. He seems to be everywhere. During his service as State Representative, Fred Keller has been perhaps the most dedicated, hardest working public servant with whom I have had the pleasure to work.”

Vice Chairman Knepp offers similar praise:

 “During my fifty years of involvement in Republican politics and my forty-two years of service in county government I have been afforded a valuable insight into the performance of many public officials at all levels of our government,” says Vice Chairman Knepp. “There has been no one, during my length period of involvement who has demonstrated the level of commitment of time and dedication to public duty as has Fred Keller as our State Representative.”

Both Chairman Boop and Vice Chairman Knepp urge Republicans and conferees to support Fred Keller’s candidacy to serve as the next congressman for the state’s 12th District.

State Representative Fred Keller is running for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Keller is currently serving his fifth consecutive term representing Pennsylvania’s 85th House District. Prior to serving in the state legislature, he built a successful 25-year business career at Conestoga Wood Specialties. Keller has a proven conservative record and is highly regarded for his unmatched work ethic, integrity and honesty.


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