Keller Launches Television Ads

Fred Keller for Congress today released two new television ads, "Meet Fred Keller" and "American Dream," which highlight Fred's honesty, unmatched work ethic, and proven conservative record.

The ads will run in every television market in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District and mark the start of Keller's television campaign, which will continue through the special election on May 21.

"Meet Fred Keller" Transcript:

Fred Keller: "Things weren't always easy growing up. We lived in a house with no running water or electricity. But in those tough times, I learned the values of working hard and telling the truth. I went straight from high school to work in a factory. Eight years ago, I was elected to take our values to Harrisburg. And as a conservative Republican, I fought tax increases. Now, I'm running for Congress to keep that same American dream alive. I'll help President Trump create more jobs and opportunities. I promise to always work hard and be honest."

"American Dream" Transcript:

Fred Keller: "I'm Fred Keller, and I'm running for Congress to keep the American dream alive. Our country gave a poor kid like me, who grew up without electricity or running water, an opportunity. I got a job in a factory and rose to plant manager. And raised my family right here. And as a conservative Republican in Harrisburg, I fought tax increases. In Congress, I'll fight the liberal Democrats and their socialist Green New Deal. And I'm going to help President Trump create more jobs and expand opportunities for all of us."

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